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Around the world, desserts are a decadent treat that can range from straightforward fruit-based dishes to ornate cakes and pastries. Although the cost of desserts can vary greatly depending on the ingredients and how they are made, some are renowned for being particularly pricy and exclusive. This article will examine some of the world's priciest desserts and what makes them unique.

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae

Many people believe that the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae is the priciest dessert in the entire world. This lavish dessert, created by Serendipity 3 in New York City, is outrageously expensive at $25,000 a serving. What drives up the price? 28 different varieties of cocoa, including a rare Venezuelan kind that costs $120 per pound, are used to make the sundae. It is also served in a cup that has edible gold lining and is topped with 23-karat edible gold leaf. To top it all off, the dessert includes a spoon that has been covered with diamonds that the purchaser may take as a keepsake.

The Diamond Fruitcake

Another fancy dish with a hefty price tag is the Diamond Fruitcake. This fruitcake, designed by Japanese pastry chef Kimura Takeshi, costs $1.7 million. What makes it so pricey? The cake is encrusted with 223 diamonds, including a 5-carat center stone. It also contains high-quality ingredients including Dom Perignon champagne, Italian honey, and French butter. The cake itself weights 7 pounds and is believed to be excellent, however few people will ever get the chance to try it.

The Golden Opulence Sundae

The Golden Opulence Sundae is another creation from Serendipity 3 that is known for its extravagance. This sundae costs $1,000 and is made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, edible gold leaf, and rare chocolate from Venezuela. It is also topped with candied fruits, truffles, and marzipan cherries. To make it even more exclusive, the dessert is served in a Baccarat crystal goblet that the customer gets to keep as a souvenir.

The Platinum Cake

The Platinum Cake is a dessert created by Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara that is known for its high price tag. This cake costs $130,000 and is made with premium ingredients such as high-quality flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. What makes it so expensive, however, is its decoration: the cake is adorned with edible platinum leaf, which is extremely rare and expensive. The cake itself weighs around 6 pounds and is said to be delicious, although it is unlikely that many people will ever get the chance to try it.

The Strawberries Arnaud

The Strawberries Arnaud is a dessert served at the Arnaud's restaurant in New Orleans and is known for its high price and exclusivity. This dessert costs $3.95 million and is made with fresh strawberries that are marinated in vintage port wine for 24 hours. It is also served with a 7.09 carat pink diamond ring, which the customer gets to keep as a souvenir. While the dessert itself is relatively simple, the addition of the diamond ring makes it one of the most expensive and exclusive desserts in the world.

While desserts are typically considered a sweet and affordable indulgence, some can be incredibly expensive and exclusive. These desserts often feature rare and premium ingredients, such as rare chocolate, edible gold, and platinum leaf, and are decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. While most people will never have the opportunity to taste these desserts, they remain a fascinating example of the heights of luxury and indulgence